Monday again, the weekend was WAY too short. At least today is fairly quiet, classes don't start until Wednesday, not today as I was thinking. So a lot of students haven't gotten back into town yet. Fine with me.

Yesterday spent most of the day labeling the movies we have burned to DVD and get thing listed on a database. We are getting quite a few. Now we just have to get all the tapes recycled and we'll have LOTS more room on shelves. hubby needs the shelf space in the office.

House-wise I am doing fine, the kitchen is in good order, the sink is shiny and I have an idea for what dinner will be this week. I baked a chicken yesterday for dinenr and the leftovers will go for dinner tonight. I plan on doing a pot of rice and adding the rice and then make a peanut sauce and do a one pot dinner. Nice and quick.

I'm planning on adding an exercise routine starting today, which is why I'm making an easy dinner. While the rice is cooking, I can pop my bellydancing vid into the DVD player and work out. I'm planning on doing this MWF and alternating bellydancing with tai chi. Somewhere I do need to work in some strength training since my new rifle is heavy and I do need more upper body strength.

Most of the snow is gone, again. Warmed up this weekend and things melted. It is supposed to get pretty cold mid-week, not looking forward to that. Rum TUm is very disappointed the snow is going away again. Silly cat hehehehehehe.

Oh dear!:

Moscow city councilman missing after accident

The Associated Press
January 8, 2007

THE DALLES, Ore. — A Moscow City Council member who stopped to help at a traffic accident scene was missing Monday, and he may have fallen or jumped into the John Day River to avoid a second accident, the Oregon State Police said.

The police said John Dickinson, 62, stopped his car Sunday evening behind another car that had swerved to avoid debris on an Interstate 84 bridge east of The Dalles, struck a center divider and come to rest in the driving lane.

Dickinson got out of his car, which a third car then struck from behind, the police said.

Troopers said Dickinson couldn’t be found at the scene of the accidents, and said he may have fallen off the bridge or jumped the concrete railing, which is 3 1/2 feet high.

The police said Sherman County deputies searched the river by boat Sunday night, and state troopers searched the shoreline. The search was to continue Monday.

Two other people involved in the accident suffered minor injuries, the police said.
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