Happy New Year, a day late

LOL. Was so out of it yesterday didn't get much done. We'd planned on going to the masquarade ball at the Beach on Sunday night for the New Year's party, but by the time we got back into Moscow and home from our friends where we had a wonderful 9 course dinner, formal sitdown, we were totally bagged. So we watched TV instead.

Got out to shoot my new rifle on Sunday, we went out to our friends early:

I only ran a couple clips thru, it was cold enough hubby was wearing a light jacket. We'd hoped to rejoin the local gun club to get access to the range, but they are now INSISTING that you HAVE to join the NRA and take the NRA pledge to join the club, so the hell with them. As hubby says, no one TELLS us what groups we have to join. The NRA national is on our sh*t list for the crap they pull (eliminating the women's shooting magazine is the latest BS they've pulled that has pissed me off) so we won't give them any of our hard earned money. Now, if they had a local membership where all the money stays for firearms education, then we'd consider it.

So we are looking for places to shoot. The guy at the local gun shop says there is a range up near Helmer, which is about a 25 mile drive one way. But if there is, it would be a good safe place to shoot. The range we wanted to use is only 5 miles away or so, so that is a bummer.

Hubby borrowed the scope for the rifle. It seems to work well enogh for me, even tho it isn't set up for lefthanded shooting, I was able to use it. So we'll se about buying it and I can get more practice with it. The scope was really far out of whack, so using it to shoot was fun hehehehe.

Back to work, getting up this morning was a pain, but getting back into a routine will be good. Yesterday I made a pot of split pea soup with turkey broth and turkey instead of ham and ham broth. Has nice flavor, but different. I also cooked a roast in the smaller slow cooker with worchestershire sauce, basalmic, carmalized onions and garlic. Then I mixed in a container of sour cream thickened with flour to make a gravy. We've enough leftovers for dinner tonight.
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