And a 3 day weekend to boot. I am so looking forward to burrowing in and not doing a whole heck of a lot.

I do plan on getting some baking done, nothing like the smell of fresh baked bread on a cold winter's day. I still have that cookie gun to try out also.

I have decided to change doctors. I've liked my current doc, but have been unhappy after the last couple of visits. There is a practice in town that is on our medical plan where the doctors are 7th Day Adventists and they are more into the whole body/mind/spirit aspect of medicine, so I am going to give them a try. My neighbor sees the one doc and she's been happy with him. So we'll see.

Managed to keep the Scrapper cat in last night, night before last he insisted on going back outside, but last night I put my foot down and told him he was staying inside. He is coming to the porch in the evening, so I think he is getting used to the idea, but I still have to physically haul him in the house as he'll come to the open door and look in, but won't come in. We are having less drama as Nicky is getting used to him, but he went after him this morning and things got a wee bit interesting. But I let him go out today so he can have outside time (Not too mention we still don't want to leave him in the house alone with Nicky).

Definately freezing today. Currently 11F and sunny. Hit below freezing over night and it is supposed to be colder tonight.

Hubby managed to finally get my one tai chi tape dubbed to DVD, I think he's still working ont he other one, but the one should do fine. I had planned on belly dancing tonight, but since I didn't get to do tai chi on Wed (since the DVD wasn't ready) I will do it tonight as my joints and muscles aren't up to the belly dancing, but can benefit from the stratching in tai chi.
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