'tis Thursday

Almost Friday. Had a fun time downtown last night for the Light Up the Night parade. Got lots of vid and a bunch of pics, I hope the pics turned out. I need to start taking a tripod for the camera for the pics I take without the flash.

Hubby is processing the parade vid for me, I ran out of time on the Small Wonder, so finished filming with the digicam. BIG difference in quality, not too mention the digicam takes .movs and the Small Wonder does .avi, so he had to convert the .mov to something else. Then he'll trim it up a bit (lots of long segments with not much going on) and then I can go in and put in the title and the ending credits. I also have 3 chunks of wandering downtown, but those are all .avi, so will be easier to deal with.

Checked out the new bagel/deli downtown. YUM!!!!!!!! Had the Arthur Fonzerelli, roast beef with cream cheese, provalone and black olives. Had it on a sesame bagel. They are also open until 3am most days, so now we know a place to go when we get the late night muchies hehehehehehehe. Next time I go in I'll get pics. It is a nice space.

Dinner last night was hamburger helper stuff. I'd already fried up burger and portioned it out into baggies in the freezer, so all I had to do was grab a package and toss it in the microwave to thaw and then into the skillet. Made for a very quick dinner. Dinner tonight will be whatever I can think of as soon as I get home. Will probably thaw some chicken and I've mashed potatos in the freezer that I can heat up. I really do need to get in and clean out the freezer and get things rearranged, I take my life and my toes in my hands everytime I open up the deep freeze. Some of those roasts HURT when they fall out.

Learned a new word, someone used it when commenting on my vid I posted on YouTube yesterday about James Kim and all. Verklempt, which is Yiddish for becoming overcome with emotion. A very good word for what I was feeling yesterday even tho I didn't know the family. Stories like that really get to me, esp when someone dies for a stupid reason. If only they had had some basic survival supplies, it could have been a happy ending instead of a very bittersweet one.

Supposed to hit 40F today, but they are talking snow or ice balls this weekend. Will make it fun driving down to Lewiston on Sat to have coffee with some friends. No shopping tho, in between paydays. We're pretty well set for groceries and such so no need.