Semester is almost done

Fairly quiet today, not too many people in the library. Tomorrow there will be even fewer people.

Today is the staff Christmas party. Pulled out an apple butter pumpkin pie from the freezer last night and popped it in the oven. Hubby had already started dinner before I got home, so the oven was ready for the pie. Poor hubby, he got such a disappointed look on his face when I pulled it out and he said he thought he'd smelled pumpkin pie and I told him it was for the party. He perked up after I told him I still had two in the freezer, so I think I'll have to bake one soon just for us.

Survived the winds yesterday, tho today they are predicting even more wind. NOA is showing "High Wind Warning in effect 7 pm PST Thursday to 10 am PST Friday". Fun.

Got the Scrapper kitty in for a while again last night. He's beginning to settle in, tho he kept trying to jump up on the counter to get to what I was cooking and then we had to deter him from trying to steal food off our plates. Little scamp. At least we didn't have another spraying incident (we think he sprayed hubby last time he was in. Not sure, there was only a couple drops and they didn't quite smell like boy kitty spray, at least it wasn't that strong a scent). Nicky and Scrapper did have a bit of a set to when Scrapper went out and Nicky was trying to come in. I had to go out and retrieve Nicky and carry him into the house and spend a while calming him down. We looked into Felliway spray, but it is pretty pricey locally. We'll check the price at a couple of the pet stores down in Lewsiton when we can. We did find some supplements that contained L-Triptophan, but those were seriously pricey. If we could get a hold of regular L-Triptophan that would be great. They did ban it for sale to people in the US over a single batch that was contaminated a few years back, but we may be able to find veterinary grade if we are lucky. It would go along way to helping everyone to calmly get used to each other.

Looking at the forecast for the week I am off, with luck I can get the deep freeze cleaned and defrosted then. Overnight temps are such I can store the contents out on the porch as soon as the sun goes down and then get the defrosting done and stuff back into it the next morning.

Was going thru the deep freeze the other night looking for the ham hubby was going to use for our dinner on Tuesday night (he's feeling better and is going to do more with getting dinner going) and discovered a whole chicken I'd forgotten and then there is the 12lb turkey we've had in there a while. I'll pull the turkey out and brine it for Christmas dinner and then I'll have another turkey carcass to make stock with over the break.

During my vacation I am going to clear out the front hallway closet and do some serious flinging. I'm going to make it another pantry where I can store extra foodstuffs (with all the drying and such I am doing and I eventually want to learn to can, I'm going to need the space) and it will give me more storage for all my kitchen gadgets. With luck I can make the kitchen look less cluttered and keep just the things I use most often out and at hand. I know we have quite a few coats and sweaters we aren't using in there that can find good homes with people who can use them. Some of the stuff in there I can look to Freecycling and all the jig saw puzzles I can bring to the library to put int he staff lounge.
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