Change in plans, our friends had family show up, so no trip to Lewsiton for coffee. So it will be a putter around the house day.

I really do need to get stuff done. I've got two weeks of laundry to fold and put away hehehehehe, plus what needs to be done. I'm almost out of laundry soap, so will need get more fels naptha and laundry soda to make some.

Giving serious consideration to baking some bread. I do need to get my sour dough starter re-started. As cool as it is in the kitchen I won't have to store it in the fridge until sommer, so with luck we won't having anymore "out of sight, out of mind" problems and letting it die.

Well, got Sirius Radio Margaritaville on the telly, so time to toddle off and get SOMETHING done today hehehehehe.
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