Monday, again

and with luck it will be Monday only one day this week.

Weekend went entirely too fast. Rained a lot on Saturday, so most of the snow is gone. Got a bit done this weekend housewise. Hubby built a new gun rack for the bedroom, so I was dodging lumber, sawdust and power tools in the living room until late yesterday. I really wish we had a garage or an outbuilding we could use as a workshop. Oh well, we've got a decent vacuum to clean up sawdust.

Mostly caught up on the dishes and finally caught up on the laundry, tho I need to do some serious mending as all my good pants were in the wash this morning and I discovered what I had clean was ripping out in the seams. So next big project is to haul out the sewing machine and get to work.

Big news locally is the football coach they brought back, Dennis Erickson, bailed on us after not being here for even a year to go to Arizona. First anyone heard of anything was mid-week last week and by Sunday he was flying to Arizona to start his new job. This after having an advertising blitz this summer trumpeting the return of the great hope for Idaho every 30 seconds on the radio with commericals blairing "He's back! Are you?" until we wanted to puke. So much for his statements that he was here to stay and we weren't a stepping stone to elsewhere. One editorial wrote that he was minus an integrity gene. Well, good riddance and I'm sure Arizona will discover how fickle he is the minute he gets offered more money elsehwere.

Personally I think we need to stop putting all this money into sports and back into academics and programs that actually have real world applications.

Got a new batch of sourdough starter going, so next step is to start making bread again. On Wednesday I'll pull one of the apple butter pumpkin pies out of the freezer to bake for the staff christmas party on Thursday.

We'll be having Yule circle this coming Saturday, so need to come up with something to take for potluck. We'll be doing it a bit early as the weekend after is a bit too close for those who do Christmas with family.
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