Happy Friday everyone!!!

Finally Friday and a whole week off to look forward to. FINALLY got all the presents wrapped and shipped, they should get there Wednesday. I already called mom to let her know they are coming as I needed to make sure they would get there before my aunt left.

My old guitar is now in a new home under a Christmas tree. There was a plea on the local Freecycle list from a mom whose son wanted one for Christmas and I was finally ready to let it go to be with someone who will be as happy with it as I was when I was younger. I thought I would cry when hubby called to say he'd dropped it off with her and I did, but not sad tears, they were happy ones.

Snowing a bit and now the fog is rolling in. Makes me really want to curl up at home with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book. Speaking of books, I grabbed a bunch of Mercedes Lackey Valdemar books to read over the next couple of weeks. I also checked out a couple "A little Fry and Laurie" DVDs and the whole Blackadder series. So we are set for entertainment.

Saw a wonderful story on the Spokesman Review. It really shows the true meaning of the season: Christmas Samaritan surprises Spokane bus riders. I was crying by the end.

OH WAY KEWL!!!!!!! Researchers catch giant squid. Even kewler is they have video.

Check out these great photos from Terry Gray. He's a former coworker and I work here with his wife. They went down to Lewiston and he got some nice photos of the Christmas lights. I really need to go down and get some of my own. We always drive by just before dark on the way home and one of these days I want to seem them in the dark with all the sparklies twinkling.
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