Almost the New Year!

A couple more days and it will be 2007.

Been puttering around the house. Almost got it cleaned up. The front hall closet is now a pantry, so all the stuff that was in there is stashed elsewhere or will be heading to the women's shelter.

Tossed the turkey carcasses in the stockpot with a couple chicken carcasses and made stock yesterday. The pot is out on the deck right now since I don't have room in the fridge. Luckily it is below freezing for the next couple days.

The sun is out today. Came out yesterday also, hadn't seen it in several days. As mentioned, it's quite chilly out, so I haven't been too anxious to go outside. We will be heading down to Lewiston later today to get gas and do a bit of shopping. With luck I can get some vid of the lights down there if they are still up and we are still down there when it gets dark.

Hanging out on Stickam is pretty fun, tho I've been staying up WAY too late at night LOL.

Nicky is a zoom kitty today. He's managed to get several ornaments off the tree and has been tossing them around the room. Luckily they are all plastic, I just hope I can find them all when it is time to put everything away.

Well, hubby called he's on his way home so we'll be heading down to Lewiston soon.
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