Rolling along, got the mashed potatos done yesterday along with 3 loaves of bread. It looks like I'll need to go out and buy some bread, not sure I've got the energy to bake more. I do need to get the dough for the dinner rolls going tho.

Broke down yesterday and got some tussin DM cough syrup. Made me loopy as all get out and there is no alcohol in it! But the coughs are getting less painful and more productive, so that is a good thing. Also picked up a bottle of the throat spray so most of that pain is reduced.

Mom came out yesterday to visit a while and then I drove her back to the hotel. She came out again for dinner. I fixed potatos au gratin with ham. Still working on that, for some reason I can't always get the potatos to cook thru no matter how long I cook hem. mom mentioned she has the same problems. Hubby thinks it just be the potatos they have now as mom mentioned her mom never had that problem. Oh well, it was yummy even if a little bit crunchy hehehehehehehe.

Slowly getting the house cleaned. Got another load of laundry going and I still have to do last nights dishes. I felt like crap after we took mom back to the hotel and ended up in a hot bath and then early bed. Took a couple PMs and was out like a light.

Rainy today and pretty gloomy, need to work on getting this place bright. Got the pink flamingo neon light on. We had a deluge yesterday while I was working on the mashed potatos an I had to frop everything to run out and get pics of the rainbow. Still have to download them and will get them up on Flickr and here when I can.

Was able to bring Scrapper into the house for a little bit yesterday. Nicky sat in the living room and hissed the entire time. Scrapper ignored him and went and sat at the door after eating until I let him out. He was pretty mellow, so things are slowly getting better.

Hubby's off with a client this morning, so I have the place to myself. Got Sirius Radio Margaritaville on. Music is helping a lot, nice and up beat.

Had a heck of a time waking up this morning. I could use a few more hours of sleep, but have too much to do. Just need to take it easy and go slow. Not sure what we'll do for dinenr tonight, something with chicken I think and rice since we did potatos last night and wil have them for tomorrow. I like to try and vary meals enough to not get too boring and too much in a rut.

Well, I should toddle off and work on getting some dishes done, not too mention the potato peelings out of the sink LOL. I need to get them out to the composter.
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