Snowing again

It's supposed to get pretty cold today and even colder tomorrow, so I finally dug out gloves and a scarf for my head hehehehehehe.

Had an early morning visit from a neighbor up the hill, his kitty didn't come home last night and he was asking if we'd seen her. We hadn't, but we'll keep an eye out for her. Most likely she's hold up in either the barn with the horse where it is nice and warm or possibly in the car barn. With luck she'll go home before it gets too cold.

We're going to try and bring Scrapper in if we see him, that will definately make life interesting the next couple days haning him in the house, but with temps dipping as low as they are supposed to, I would feel better having to do with some hissing and growling then stay a wake all night worrying he's out freezing to death.

Hubby got dinner going last night, he's feeling better so he'll be able to get more things started before he comes to get me at work. Last night he got the pork raost in the oven, which was good as I didn't get out of class until well after 8:30pm. When that was almost ready I made some alfredo stuff from a packet and tossed that with egg noddles and some parmesean cheese. Made a good dinner. Tonight I'll do something with ham and noodles. May do more alfredo stuff and probably double up the sauce.

Only one more class. We don't have a final, but I do need to get my last two papers done so I can hopefully get a decent grade. Still have to register for next semester, just have to find a class I want to take as the one I wanted isn't offered in the spring and the other one is full up.

As far as I know I managed to get thru the night without coughing. I'm not coughing as much today as I was yesterday, but when I do it is miserable. I so can't wait for it to go away. The itching is getting miserable, last night in class I thought I wzas going to take the skin off my neck scratching. I just realized this morning I haven't been taking my loratidine, so I think that's why I'm having an allergy reaction from hell. Gotta remember to start taking it again.

Lunch today is turkey noodle soup made with tom yum paste and coconut milk. Goes wonderfully well with the turkey and the egg noodles.