It's Hump Day

and I am completely incapable of thinking of anything clever for a title.

On the plus side it hasn't gotten quite as cold as predicted, tho it is still cold. Currently 19F with a high of 32F predicted for tomorrow. WHEW!!!!!!!

Wasn't able to get Scrapper inside last night. Hubby said he was on the porch when he left to get me, but wasn't around when we got home. I'm seriously hoping he'd found a warm, cozy hidey hole in the horse barn as it is kept fairly warm for the horse. Everytime I woke up in the night I was worried about that furball. With luck we can get him in tonight. If not, at least it is warming up again tomorrow.

We decided we needed pizza for dinner last night, so we hit Papa Murphy's and got a cheese pizza and the Big Murphy stuffed pizza, so leftovers for lunch hehehehehehe

Watched Basilisk: The Serpent King which turned out to be a surprisingly deceent flick for all its plot holes. We figured that we'd turn it off and delete it within 10 minutes, but found ourselves watching it all the way thru, giggling as we went.

Remembered to take my loratadine this morning, the itching is not as bad, whihc is a good thing as I have managed to scratch a bit of skin off my left middle finger. OUCH!!!!!

I think the next time I get my blood drawn for thyroid levels I am going to have my doc run the antibody tests for celiac disease. I've been getting that niggling little feeling when something is slightly out of whack, not too mention a few odd reactions I am having to some things. A very small percentage of Graves' patients will develop another autoimmune disease and celiac is one of them. In fact a small percentage of celiac patients develop autoimmune thyroid disease, Graves' and Hashimoto's (the hypothyroid version). So at the very least I want to rule it out so I can look in other directions for what is happening.

Starting to think about decorating the house for Yule. We'll get the tree fromt he Potlatch boy scouts again when they have them available. I'm hoping Rum TUm will ignore it again (or at least try not to climb it as he was pretty good about not doing that last year, just batting what ornaments he could get to off of it), but we'll tie it off to the wall with parachute cord just to keep it upright. I've done that in the past with my other kitties and have not had a tree tumble down.

Got pics yesterday of the snow out the windows of the library, still have to download them to my 'puter to process them so I can post them in various places. I still need to see about getting a Flickr Pro account so all my pics show up, not just the most recent 200 the freebie account allows.