I survived Black Friday

It was easy, the only stores I went into were Winco and Safeway LOL. Jeeze, I'm watching the news and that is bloody ridiculus. JUST SAY NO!!!!!!!!!! There is nothing out there in the stores worth going thru that BS for.

Survived turkey day with no disasters. YAY!!!!!!!! Everything came out fine, I did forget to pull out the veggies from the freezer, but there was plenty to eat so they weren't missed.

On the ick front, I'm getting better, the coughing isn't as bad as it was, tho there are bouts where I almost end up curled up on the floor. We did have to take hubby into the ready care this morning as he's had a sore throat for 3 weeks and it had flared up badly the last couple of days. The good news is it isn't strep, the bad news it is viral and he just has to suffer thru it. So I picked up more lemon juice for tea and honey with lemon as that helps his throat a lot.

Did lunch out with my mom afterwards, went to a local Mexican restaruant. had a good lunch, she had a shredded beef chimichanga with a salad and I went with a shredded beef burrito made with beans and rice and topped with cheese, sauce, guacamole and sour cream. Delish!

Mom popped out for dinner and we did leftovers:


YUM!!!!!!!! I made sure we had LOTS of stuffing/dressing, so hubby better not complain abot there not being enough hehehehehehehehe.

Mom flies out tomorrow, so I'll drive her to the airport in the morning. Thn i will start working on all the homework I've been ignoring this week. The house is mostly in order so I don't have to deal with that this weekend, tho I really should get all the laundry folded and put a way hehehehehe.

Time to toddle off to bed, I'm bushed and need to get some sleep and hope to not cough in the night.
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