Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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We started decorating the staff lounge today and it is looking bright and sparkly. I'll proabably start decorating for the holidays next week after I get my papers done. We'll see about a tree once the boy scouts get their lot up. Haven't decided if I'm going to decorate around my desk at work, have to think about it. There is plenty of stuff left in the break room I can bring down.

Scrapper didn't show up again last night and he is going to get an earful when I see him. He had better have been holed up in the horse barn, even tho it didn't get as cold last night as they were predicting. It was still cold enough. We did have another couple of inches of snow fall this morning.

The county has been keeping our road plowed, much to our amazement. The only thing we can think of is that one house is for sale and the realtor has enough pull over the county to keep our road open. Would be nice if the county was this nice every year we have snow.

Dinner last night was ham and noodles with alfredo sauce stuff. Was pretty yummy. We still had pizza left, so that is lunch today. Not a clue what I'll do for dinenr tonight, but it's been a few days since I've had turkey, so will come up with something.

We'll be having the staff Christmas party on the 14th, so I'll bake up one of the apple butter pumpkin pies the night before to take.

I have such an incredible urge to go sledding. May have to see about getting a cheap sled if we still have snow over the holiday break. It's been YEARS since I've gone sledding. I'll probably find out why I stopped LOL

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