Spring redecorating

So Blogger has come out with new themes for blogs and of course I simply jumped on them for all my blogs. Rather liking these new themes. Will probably be changing them around for a while, but will try and not change them too often.

Back on heavy duty prescription anti-inflammatories. Didn't quite want to, but the nutritional methods couldn't quite deal with the tendinitis flair up and the increased arthritis pain in my hips when I wake up in the mornings. Makes working out in the pool now a lot easier. I am really hoping it will deal with the arthritis pain in my tailbone. This is getting frigging ridiculous!

Still not fond of getting up so early, never going to be a morning person no matter how long I gotta live in an 8-5 world. But have my morning routines down now. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I get up around 6 am, turn on the Roku and TV and live stream Good Morning Northwest until 7 am. Don't see the news stories unless they turn the iPad towards their monitor, but it is fun interacting with the news crew and other people hanging out on the stream. All the while drinking coffee and reading my morning comics and other stuff on the net. Tuesdays and Thursdays I get to sleep in and then just drink coffee, use the Wii for morning warm ups and again, surf the net. Then it is off to class or work with a big travel mug of coffee.

Working on uploading my photos to the cloud storage we have. At least what is left of them. The drive I had them on puked, tho hubby has been able to recover a bunch, but I had about 20+ gigs of photos, along with assorted other graphics, webpage back ups and other stuff. Want to cry, but am a bit too numb to do that right now. Will be checking all my other cloud storage (Google, Dropbox) to try and get all my surviving photos backed up somewhere and eventually burned onto disc.

Had been uploading to the one cloud, but uploading tends to slow the service at home to a crawl and took hours to upload just a few items. If we were watching a movie, kiss that goodbye all together :P

But I will save what I can. Pretty much means I probably won't be putting more than one photo in an upcoming show for the Arboretum, since I don't know if the rest are among the survivors. I have a fall photo, I know I had some spring photos and winter. Not sure if I had any summer photos.

Made my mini greenhouses on Saturday, started egg plant, sweet peppers, 6 different tomatoes and on mystery seed. It may be tomatoes, it may be sweet peppers. Won't know until it grows LOL! Now I need to start laying in containers to plant them in when they are ready.

Had planned on getting my gutter grow system in yesterday, but the weather was crappy and I wasn't going outside. Got the idea here, I'll put up two full length pieces on the outside of my deck. Probably need to buy a couple more caps for the ends, I don't think I have enough. But should have plenty of brackets. I picked up plenty of potting soil on Saturday when we went out, so I should be able to get some greens seeded in this weekend to start growing. Will be nice to have fresh salad with dinners.

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