Oh fun, oh joy!

We are under flood watch again. Been nice to have had a few days to dry out. Where we live is no problem, we are on high ground, but I have friends who live in the various flood zones who had problems last week with the flooding. Was the worst flooding in Moscow since the ones in 1996.

At least we've had a couple days to dry out a bit and hopefully this next round of rain won't cause the creeks and rivers to rise too high.

I have actually organized dinners this week. Did grocery shopping this weekend and processed chicken and pork into meals and future meals. I have pork loin chops marinating that I will brown in the Instant Pot tonight, then cook with brown rice. Yesterday I tested the cooker with pinto beans that were still dried. Made very nice refried beans I served with chicken last night and will use for tacos for dinner tomorrow night.

I have bone in chicken thighs marinating in soy sauce, 5 Spice, garlic, sesame oil and rice vinegar for Wednesday dinner. Will saute those and cook with white rice in the Instant Pot. Thursday will be baked chicken and oven fries.

Now that I have the pressure cooker down, will be able to start planning better meals and with any luck, get better organized so the hubby can start dinner before I leave work.