Happy 1st day of Spring!!!!!!

Now if winter would just make sure it leaves I will be happy. So tired of it, at least the snow part. Rain I don't mind, tho we had quite a bit on Saturday, regular deluge. We needed to get out of the house for a while, so drove around a bit and got some pictures.

Paradise Creek at Mountainview Park:

South fork of the Palouse River at Paradise Ridge Road:

Thankfully the flooding wasn't too bad and by Sunday levels were dropping. But we have more rain headed this way and a lot of the outlying areas and towns didn't fair as well as we have.

I made a piece for an upcoming Palouse Women Artists show, I had been drawing a blank and was going to skip it, then hubby gave me an idea on Saturday and BING!!!!! I was off and running. The show is "Masks" and I made "Hiding behind technology". I think it came out pretty cool:

Took it to PWA meeting yesterday to drop it off and quiz a few people on what I should price it at. I am always under pricing my stuff and really need to stop doing that. So fingers crossed it sells at the show. If not, will be listing it in my Etsy shop.

Had a pretty relaxing weekend otherwise, tho Saturday night as soon as I went to bed my brain went into overtime on what all I needed to do to finish my mask. Needless to say, I was up in the morning and working on it before being fully awake and having any coffee!

Finally took a break and had a couple cups of coffee and fix breakfast. I'd had the hubby put a corned beef in the Instant Pot on Friday, so dinner was very easy to do (as soon as I got home I quartered some red potatoes, pulled the beef out to rest and tossed the potatoes into the broth in the cooker for a 5 minute cook. OMG! Hubby isn't a big fan of corned beef, but he enjoyed dinner) and I had plenty of leftovers so I made corned beef hash.

I would say I will never again buy the canned stuff, but corned beef is pricey most of the year (I had scored it on my Safeway card for $1.99 a pound) so will have to wait for next year and hopefully be able to stock up and stash some in the deep freeze (hopefully by then we will have a new one to replace the one that died last year). But what I made was delish and I had some farm fresh (technically backyard fresh) eggs I'd gotten from a coworker. A very YUMMY Sunday breakfast: