Hopefully this week will be better.

Last week wasn't bad, I think I found a decent balance between dealing with political stuff and making sure I don't burn out. Nice thing about not having cable anymore is we are finding a ton of fun movies to watch (and a ton of really bad movies we take bets on how long we will last before turning them off LOL).

Here is a pic I got of Napoleon the weekend previous. He thought he was going to bring lunch inside:

Needless to say, he was sadly mistaken, tho it did take a while to finally get rid of the thing.

Made my very first phone call to one of my congressional reps (Michael Crapo) to tell him to vote no on Betsy DeVos. Called first thing my time on Friday, so just after 6 am. Had the script from thesixtyfive.org in front of me, made some changes to it in my mind and made the call.

Forgot, was calling the Washington DC office and they had been open for 3 hours. I got a live human being. I was expecting voice mail. Needless to say my pathological stage fright kicked in and I seriously stumbled thru what little my brain would let me say. Thankfully the young man on the other end was very understanding and reassuring and said he would pass on my message.

Should have called his Boise office, I would have gotten voice mail and I wouldn't have sounded like a bunny looking back at a very hungry hawk.

But I did it. Someone said in response when I posted about it elsewhere that when you have the introverts picking up the phones and calling, you have really fucked up!

I am also writing a script for myself that should let me make future phone calls with not so much trouble. I made a call to the DC about Bannon being appointed to the NEC. That one I got voicemail (called on Saturday) and that went a heck of a lot better. So just have to practice, practice and practice some more for these phone calls.

I also use their contact forms on the congressional websites also, just to make sure.

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