Almost called in spa today


Hit the spa after the pool for 5 minutes or so and the water temp was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO perfect I really didn't want to get out. Would have loved to soak for an hour or so more.

Was actually warm outside when I got up this morning, a whole 12F! Today is about the last day of the really cold. Temps are going up to the 20s and 30s, but that also means more snow on the way. Luckily I have a well stocked pantry and freezer, so we are good for warm hearty meals. In fact, I have a slow cooker of chili simmering away today.

I browned the burger last night and then set it aside while I sauteed the onion, red bell peppers, a generous amount of garlic, some green chilies, chili powder, and cumin. Oh the house smelled yummy last night. Hubby was wondering about chili for dinner last night, but since the beans hadn't been soaked I told him he had to wait.

Got the beans soaked overnight (red kidney and pinto beans) and tossed everything into the slow cooker this morning. SOOOO looking forward to dinner tonight. Not too mention leftovers chili for the next several days.