A pain in the ass, literally!

Finally get in to see my doctor yesterday about the BP meds he put me on and to find out the results of the x-ray on my tailbone. My BP is back down to normal for me, I really think the rise in numbers is from the accident. Body is still stressed. Unfortunately a cough I picked up seems to be caused by the meds, so he is switching me to a different medication.

No cracks or breaks in my tailbone. It is however riddled with arthritis.


So now I've got an arthritic butt, tail bone at least. Apparently trauma such as a car being driven over a bone like that can trigger arthritis, so I have to live with it. Definitely will be doubling down on anti-inflammatories such as turmeric and sweet potatoes. My turmeric should be about ready to harvest so I can get more tincture going and a couple more roots planted to grow for the next year.

Snowing again. Still snowing. At least the temps are warmer for a couple days. Should have a couple days of no snow, then snow again. I am so tired of snow at the moment.

Napoleon was totally adorable yesterday:

He actually curled up in myy lap a couple times this last weekend. I think he is discovering that he gets pets and scritches when he does. Now I just need to figure out how to turn his "attack mommy's hands and shred them" button off.