A little bit foggy this morning

Not sure if it was foggier earlier, I didn't really look outside when I let Phoebe back in after she spent the night out. I hadn't had any coffee yet, so definitely wouldn't have noticed.

Been looking at various platforms for posting my products from my various shops. So far TweetDeck is pretty good for posting to Twitter, tho it does take time to set up scheduled tweets. HootSuite seems to have a major learning curve and it giving me problems. I like Buffer, but can't afford the pro-version right now, so am limited in how many posts to various social platforms I can set up. Trying out If This Than That and so far have had success half the time.

Currently have two recipes set up. One that if I post to my WordPress blog on my site, it will post to this blog. So far that is working nicely. The other is if I post to WordPress it should post a pin to my Purple Ducky Designs Pinterest board. That has failed every single time and I can't quite figure it out.

But this seems to be a pretty cool tool. Have to figure out what else I can do with it.