Slowly getting back to normal

Have started my summer work schedule this week. So Mondays thru Thursdays with my Fridays off. Have lots of annual leave built up since I've not been using it, so am good to go for my 3 day weekends the rest of summer. Still have TONS of sick leave (and dear Universe, please stop looking at those statements and saying "Challenge accepted!" It is too bloody painful GRRRRRRRRR!!!!) for those occasional colds and flus this winter.

Had my last physiotherapy session this morning. So going to miss the massages, but am NOT going to miss the torture sessions. But my balance is so much better (but my physiotherapist was evil when she had me walk heel to toe forwards AND backwards with my eyes shut. Almost killed myself :( ). Am also glad to see the last of that evil half ball she had me stand on and get my balance. Bad enough doing it just standing, THEN she had someone throw me a ball for me to toss back, all standing on that demon inspired torture device!

I am back to going to the pool this week. So that will take the place of the other physio. Only going twice a week, SOOOOO not going to get up early on Fridays to go to the pool. That is my sleeping in time LOL! But being back in the pool is good. Really need to rebuild my stamina, still tend to feel like a newborn kitten when it comes to doing stuff, still tire easily. The vertigo and dizziness are getting better too. Have some exercises I can do for them. Now if my tailbone would just stop aching I would be a very happy camper.

I've new glasses. My poor old ones took a battering in the accident and finally gave up the ghost a few weeks back. Managed to hold them together with some gorilla tape:

They were pretty much useless for anything other than driving short distances (have to have them for driving) and trying to work on the computer and anything else was painful. So finally got new ones:

So seriously cute and taking a lot of getting used to (one of my eyes changed prescriptions completely, went from near sighted to far sighted!) .

Finally got to drive the new car. SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mostly around town, can't wait to give it a try on the highway. Been driving the Mountaineer since that is mostly just to work and back.