FINALLY! Bookeshelves

Took a while, but we finally got the shelves built for our paperback books. Had to move a light switch, for some reason when this place was built they decided all the light switches to a room had to be a foot in from the door. But moved it got, so I had extra space for the shelves:

They still aren't pretty. If I'd had the chance last year during the move I would have like to have stripped the boards, repainted them and installed before moving in. But as the shelves were the last things to come out of the old place before destruction, didn't happen. Oh well, considering we'd gotten them for free from someone who had just demolished their old deck, they are pretty good.

Luckily we still have the uprights with the markings on them for where the shelves went. Didn't seem to have all the right shelves, so a couple that were odd ended up in the mix, but didn't matter. Did have to cut them all by a bit over two feet to get the right length (tho did bring in one that only needed to be cut 1 inch to fit). At least with the shorter run we don't have to install braces like we did before.

Got a little creative with the two book cases in the alcove:

Not a perfect fit, the one facing the paperback shelves extended half a case beyond the closet, but it will do for now. Will look at putting up more shelves above them as we still have way more books than shelves (as we did at the old place, but now we don't have the flat surfaces those lived on LOL!).

The nice thing about these shelves is they now shut off the extra door into the front bathroom and leaves the heating vent uncovered. Before the bookcase covered it and there was no heat into the room except a small space heater.