getting back to the blog

After the year from hell and hanging out elsewhere on the net, I will be doing what I can to be here on a somewhat more regular basis LOL!

Some changes, I've enabled Google Adsense on this one. Trying to make what money when and when I can, so hopefully the ads won't be too obnoxious. Also still trying to fix the blog layout after I screwed things up. Still want to try and get it to look like my website so everything is more uniform. Once I get that fixed will see about doing the same with my other two blogs.

Still settling into the new house. Office still needs to be organized and shelves built. Hope to get a friend over on Saturday to help up get hubby's work bench built. Maybe even get some of the book shelves up.

Been going to the pool at the Gritman Wellness Center 3 mornings a week. Aqua fitness for arthritis. Youngest person there. Still am not a morning person, but being in the pool is nice. Just the having to wake up so damned early and then rush to work after is a pain. Hubby is not driving me on those days. He found going to the pool twice a day was simply too much. So I've lost my chauffer 3 days a week. Bummer, I really am not fond of driving anymore. Oh well, picked up a university disability permit that lets me park right out back without having to stop every time to pick up a daily permit. Will be cheaper in the long run too. Also gives me a few minutes to sit in the spa right after class (that hot water and jets feels so nice).

Looking forward to spring, am currently gathering assorted things I need to get seeds started in a couple of weeks. Don't really have garden space as yet, just the buckets I had last year after we moved in. So will just see about a couple or three tomato plants, some sweet peppers and an eggplant or two for the time being.