Monday, sunny, cold Monday

But at least the sun is shining, so that is a plus. Really didn't want to get out of bed today, was too nice and cozy in the warm, soft, fuzzy sheets LOL!

Mostly puttered this weekend. I made more mini greenhouses out of soda bottles, so I have quite a few seeds started for several types of tomatoes, green peppers and eggplants:


I made one out of a milk jug and that is seeded with an Italian salad blend:


That one will have to be moved when they sprout, a little too close to the kitty dishes and I am not sharing my salad greens with them, they can go out and find their own LOL! But until then they are protected. Have to see about starting a second one in a few weeks so I can go back and forth between the two with cutting what I need from one and then the other to let each one have a chance to grow back.

My herbs are coming along quite nicely. Looking forward to seriously fresh herbs for cooking.

Kitties are doing fine, had the door open for a bit yesterday and they went in and out. Got a bit chilly, the temps were only barely 40F, but the fresh air was nice.

REALLY enjoyed the Daytona 500, tho I was bummed my boy Jeff didn't finish as well as he should have. The last few laps were pretty darned exciting tho. Congrats Joey.

Did our usual sausage rolls for the race. Next week will be changing it up a bit with spring rolls and making crab rangoon using rice wrappers and baking them instead of wonton wrappers and frying. Will make those up ahead of time on Saturday and then bake for the race.