Holiday season is upon us!

Friday is Halloween, may or may not have a trick or treater. The neighbor up the hill has a grandson coming by, so need to find out when he will be coming thru. If before 6pm, hubby can be on hand to pass out candy. If not, we are planning on attending Tubaween right after work. If so I will give my neighbor J the candy to make sure he isn't shortchanged on the Halloween loot LOL!!

Just reserved a table for the Pop Up Artisan Craft Market that is being run by The Creative Shop & Studio co-op in Lewiston. I will have a table on Dec 6 and the market runs from 10am-4pm. Location will be 301 Main Suite 101 in Downtown Lewiston's Morgan's Alley where their co-op is located.

I am almost set for the Nov 8 Winter Market 10am-2pm here in Moscow at the 1912 Center. Just talked to them about where I want to have a table, so we are good to go. Will spend sometime this weekend getting some new pieces done, or at least started to work on over the week. Will have everything staged and ready to pack in the van after work on the Friday before.

Soon it will be time to start planning Turkey Day, have in mind a couple of different recipes this year for side dishes. Can't wait to start cooking the bird and looking forward to LOTS of leftovers. My mom and aunt will be coming down for part of the week and we'll have a friend or two also attending.