Hooo boy!

Today is the last day of September and the rest of my year isn't going to slow down too terribly much.

The person behind HaveHeart Magazine has a new publication coming out, a monthly print magazine called Home&Harvest Magazine that will be focusing on the Palouse.

Guess who is writing for it?

Yeah, me LOL!

Let's see, trying to finish writing an e-cookbook to publish, married, work full-time, have my jewelry and art business and now I will be contributing to a magazine once a month.

I AM NUTS!!!!!!!

Looking forward to it tho, it is a great reason to get out and about again with my camera and do more exploring the Palouse while documenting it all.

First issue is out in November, so will be starting this soon.

In other news, Selena Jude is settling in, tho she is still skittish. She is sleeping on the bed with us and usually walks down the hallway instead of running. Still have to work on getting her to come to us when we are sitting in the living room and not running away when we go to open the door for her to go out. Getting WAY too cold to be leaving the door open all the time. Still haven't been able to get her to use the kitty window, have to really work on that, tho it will soon be time to close that up for the winter.

I've my application for Winter Market, just waiting to hear back. They are jurying the vendors this year, it shouldn't be a problem I have such a niche market that I doubt I have competition from anyone else. Have to put in for a couple smaller holiday venues, will get that done in the next few weeks and then I can get my calendar set for the rest of the year.