Survived the weekend

Pride was a blast, but I think I am going to have to see about having an assistant for outdoor venues. I was a wreck by the time things were over and taking everything down. Luckily there were some strong bodies when we got there to help set up the pavilion and haul the old school table out of the van. It is HEAVY!!!!! Had a bit of help getting the table into the van and someone stopped by to help take down the pavilion. I love helpful young people :)

Made some money and gave out quite a few cards. Gave cards to the guy who bought the mobile last year, he says he has people stopping by his office and wanting to know where he got it. I really do need to get good pics of the others posted.

Got plenty of cold, cooked chicken and pork on had for this week, also rice, broccoli and other veg for salads. We are supposed to have a bit of a cool down starting in a couple days, but that is for thunderstorms and we are tinder dry. I hope we don't get anymore fires, the ones we have are more than enough and they don't need more to fight. They have their hands full as is.

Got out last night to catch the Supermoon:

Between the harvest dust and the smoke from the wildfires the moon was a tad red. I did get some great sunset photos, will finish getting them and the photos I took at Pride processed over the next couple of days.