Survived another weekend

Another warm weekend that was busier than I'd wanted (I'd brought home the new Deborah Harkness novel The Book of Life to read), but we did get things done.

Got several new display stands done, so I am on the final countdown to Pride on Saturday. Will pick up the shade pavilion on Friday and load up the van so I will be ready to go first thing Saturday morning. I like to get there as early as possible so I can have everything set up and ready so I have time to relax before the festival begins.

Finally found a new home for the queen sized futon mattress that was taking up space. Contacted the local animal shelter and they took it for a nice big dog bed. So I had my neighbor put it in the van for me and help with some boxes for the Hope Center. Dropped off the futon and a big bag of old sheets, blankets and towels at the animal shelter, then dropped off a box of knick knacks, a box of books and a bag of sheets at Hope. We have a big foam mattress pad we will drop off at Hope Center on Friday and that will help clear more room out of the bedroom.

Hubby and a friend got in and excavated his office. Put out a very full trash can this morning and we can now see surfaces in the office that haven't been seen in years!!!!! He has quite a few things that we will take to Pacific Steel recyclers next week, so those will finally be gone.

We've been contemplating getting rid of the kitty condo:

Rum Tum and Scrapper cat

When the cats use it, they use it, but they spent most of the last year ignoring it. It takes a lot of space, so I think it will be a good fit for the animal shelter for their kitties. Rum Tum has taken to sleeping on the back of my retro sofa, Phoebe and Scrapper like the cushions:

nap time

We want to build some bookshelves in that space as we REALLY need more shelves. Will also get a nice, small kitty scratching post or hidey hole they can mangle that won't take up as much room.