And it begins again

Students are back, in droves, so everywhere in town is busy, busy. So far haven't run into any problems other than it takes an extra 10 minutes to get across town at times.

Saw hubby's surgeon this morning, he'd had cervical surgery a couple weeks back and he is on track with healing quite nicely. He's been cleared to drive again so I can go back to being chauffeured everywhere I go LOL!!

Puttering along at the house, we've been working on bonding with the new kitty (yes, ANOTHER new kitty, her people had to move and simply could not take her with them and they wanted to make sure she was re-homed in a good home). She still doesn't come up to us and doesn't ZOOOOMMMM!!! from the room when we come in. Haven't been able to get any decent photos of her, but here are a couple:

She had been a feral, but is now 3 years old and edited. When they were able to finally catch her to bring in they discovered her tail would have to be amputated, so she has a little itty bitty nub of a tail. She is smaller than Phoebe and green eyes instead of gold. Her name when she came to us was Jude (her people named her after St Jude, patron saint of lost causes) and we've added Selene to it, so she is Selene Jude. Other kitties are not terribly happy, tho they are hardly ever in the house at the moment as we have the kitty access restricted until she has completely settled in.