Zooming along

1st off, new blog: Purple Ducky Designs & Photography on Wordpress. Finally decided I needed a blog dedicated solely to my shops, art and photography.

So June is almost over, another week to go. Been a not bad month. Been decluttering, we upgraded to a king bed with box springs this last weekend. Which meant we sold the pedestal, so no more under the bed storage as the new bed sits directly on the floor. Which did cause a new problem. Went to hop into bed when I came back from a middle of the night stroll and forgot the bed is now 1 1/2 feet lower than it used to be.

Needless to say, the end result was quite painful. Luckily I still have the crutches from my knee surgery a few years back, so now I am remembering why I hate crutches in the first place. But my right knee is getting a bit better, so I should be back on just the stick in a day or two.

Tomatoes are growing fast, can't wait to see flowers on them. My walking onions are going great guns again. Need to go thru and thin them. Dry the green and dry and powder the bulbs.

Successfully canned turkey stock. Borrowed a pressure canner from a friend and got 9 qts and 2 pints:

Turkey stock

used one of the pints in a chicken recipe the other night. Can't wait to get my own pressure canner and start canning up food to use over the winter. We are getting a 2nd deep freeze, a chest style, so we'll now have lots of room for bulk food storage (and with any luck a deer or two). Next skill is water bath canning, should be easier. I've lots of berries in the freezer to turn into jam. That canner I have, a small one, should be just the right size.

Been learning how to use my camera on other settings, got a wonderful one of Rum Tum:

I am loving the images I am getting now.