Actually, here is MY before picture:

And here are MY afters LOL:

I was always a chubby child, tho in retrospect I really wasn't that chubby, I just was a bit larger than most of the other kids, even when I was actually skinny. When I hit puberty I got my adult body, but because my weight was 125-130 pounds instead of the 105-110 pounds the current wisdom of the day said I should be I was told I was fat.

I was active, I biked all over town, played sports, spent most days outside or goofing off at a friend's place where she had a horse I could ride and all that stuff.

But I was "FAT!"


I managed to avoid the diet trap in high school, tho I did get hauled in for thyroid tests because people thought I was FAT from hypothyroid. Surprise, I wasn't, but the doctor wanted to put me on anti-thyroid pills to kick my thyroid into overdrive so I could lose weight. Thanks to my father, who never had a problem with my weight (helps the women in his family were on the plus side) that idea was jettisoned along with the pills the doc gave me.

I got on the diet-go-round in college, not surprising since I was living in the dorms with a lot of other women, many of whom were on diets. I was pretty successful losing weight, tho it kept coming back and bringing friends.

I continued after I graduated and of course the yo-yoing continued so when I finally came to my senses I was at my highest weight ever at that point (the ups and downs I've had since the Graves Disease kicked in are a matter for another time), I pegged out at 250 lbs.

But once I decided I no longer wanted to be on the diet-go-round I discovered I was no longer at war with my body. I started living the life I wanted and stopped waiting until I lost X number of pounds.

I am happy with my size, happy with my life, happy with my husband who loves me and doing what I like, when I like even if I am FAT LOL!

If I had never dieted, I still would have been FAT as far as society is concerned. Well, Society, you are hereby directed to attempt an airborne indecent assault at a perambulating, perforated pastry.

I will live my FAT life as I please.
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