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5F out now, it was -0F when I got up this morning. BRRRRRRRR! Wouldn't be so bad, it is nice and sunny out, but the wind chill makes it not so nice. It is pretty biting. We are supposed to start warming up again soon.

The "Reigning Cats and Dogs" art show opens tomorrow. I had hubby drop my photos off on Monday. The reception is tomorrow 5pm-8pm at the 1912 Center. We'll go right after I get off work at 6pm.

Added something new to my health regimen. Between the joint pains in my shoulders and elbows, knee pains and tendonitis in my achilles tendons in both feet I have been mega dosing on OTC anti-inflammatories. Needless to say my stomach and liver are currently not happy with me as I have hit maximum dosages on everything and am still in pain. So I came across a lot of info about using turmeric for its anti-inflammatory qualities.

I already use it for cooking, but not that much. So when I saw an FB posting about something called Golden milk, I decided that was worth a try. I decided to use rice milk as a basis and make it myself to save money. Turmeric I had plenty of and had all the other ingredients called for. Hit Winco for bulk bin brown rice and I was set.

First off got the rice going, made a good sized batch so I could freeze the rice in portions to use for future batches of rice milk. Then it was on to make the turmeric paste. It set up nicely and the recipe makes quite a bit.

Once the rice was done I put a heaping cup into the blender, added a pinch of salt, some vanilla extract and 4 cups of water. The recipe I found said filtered water, but we are on a well and there is no chlorine, so I'm not buying filtered water when I don't need to. I also skipped adding sweetener as the golden milk recipe calls for honey, so no need for the extra.

Put together a cup and NOM!!!!! Tasty. If you are unfamiliar with the flavor of turmeric, you might have some issues when first starting to drink it, but I loved it. So it looks like I have a nightly before bedtime hot drink for the duration. I've stopped the OTC anti-inflammatories in the meantime to see how things go.
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