Still waiting for my jet pack

Not too mention my flying car. I will settle for Rosie the Robot if I can't get the other two.

2014 is good so far, tho I managed to get sick just before the New Year, so with luck that will be a good sign the rest of the year will be good and healthy. Sales thru my Zazzle shop have started well, a couple sales within the 1st week of the year.

I've a couple shows coming up, the 1st will be at the Lewiston Center for Arts and History, it is a best of show for Palouse Women Artists, I have 3 of my best black & white photos in. That show opens the end of January, more details later. Then the 191 Center will be hosting a show called "Reigning Cats & Dogs", so I will be submitting a photo to that. That show will be in February, so more details on that later.

Enjoying the (relatively) warm weather, we got a skiff and a bit of snow last night. More predicted, but then rain, but looks to be a fairly dry winter this year.

Still slowly decluttering, I need to see about my bedroom closet soon, I need someplace to store all my craft bins since I've outgrown my two shelves in the hall closet. I've one box of glassware ready to go to Hope Center, need to see about adding a few bags of clothes and other odds and sods.

Doing some decorating in the bedroom, we've hung up some sheers to make a canopy/bed curtains. Need to do a little bit more and then we'll have a fancy looking bed. I've one of those wedding sheers I will be hanging up over the head of the bed and draping it over the headboard and that will look really nice. Need to see about a new bedspread, the one we have is on its last legs and not a color I want anymore. Still deciding on what color to paint in there, something light since the bed pretty much over powers the room.

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