Ticking along

Trying to stay warm, it is BLOODY cold outside!!!!!!!!!

Windows have been bubble wrapped and plasticed, the heat curtains are hanging in the living room by the front door, between the kitchen and living room and down the hallway, keeping the thermostat in a zone with no drafts.

Did have an issue with hot water yesterday, it froze WAAAHHHH!!!!!!! Luckily we had that fixed is a reasonable amount of time with opening the under cabinet doors to let in warm air to various pipes, a blow dryer down the hole over the water pipes for the washing machine, turning the heat up in the house and hubby cranking the hot water tank to maximum. We'll leave it at that temp for the time being and just remember that it will be scalding hot when we turn on the taps. On energy saving mode it is just about right temp-wise so I never worried.

Gearing up for a couple of weekends of selling. This Saturday is Mrs Claus' Holiday Bazaar at the Latah County Fairgrounds from 9am-3pm. I have a table and will be making ornaments out of computer components to sell along with everything else. They have over 25 vendors this year. On the 14th I will be at the Winter Market again.

Will be starting holiday decorating this weekend. Hubby will be helping me with designing this year's Dead Tree Edition Yule tree. He will make sure the structural of what I come up with will work as the last thing I need is a book-alanche halfway thru the month.
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