Back to Monday

Had a very nice weekend. Stayed warm and got a few things done. Had a lovely time at Mrs Claus' Holiday Bazaar:


Talked with lots of folks, made a few sales, gave away a few business cards and plan on doing it again next year. One thing that was really cool was chatting with the little 5th grade girl who was absolutely fascinated with all the bits and bobs from the computers and explaining to the best of my abilities what each part did. I need to remember to take a blown out hard drive to shows so kids can see how things go together.

Sunday was fairly low key. Straightened up the living room and broke out the holiday decorations. Got half the living room done and lights in the front windows. Looking sparklie!

First set of lights:


This window is done:


Pics aren't great, sorry. I took them with my cell. Once I get everything done I will get better pics with my camera. In the meantime :D

Got the buffet decorated:


Even Pengy is ready for the holidays LOL!


Somewhere I have a Pengy-sized Santa hat that he will get to wear.

Finally got to decorate in the kitchen, since we have the windows bubble wrapped I can put lights up:


Looks way cool from outside:


So can't wait to finish in the living room. Have to shift a couple things around and I can get started on this years Dead Tree edition Yule tree. Planning on going taller and a bit skinnier, so hubby is going to have his work cut out for him figuring out the engineering of the thing LOL!