Puttering along

Been working on having dinners planned a bit more then 5 minutes in advance LOL! This is also in effort to actually use what is stashed in the freezers. Finding my little slow cooker is handy for that, but I really need to replace my 6 qt cooker. The switch broke and we haven't been able to find a good replacement or a good solution to fixing it. The problem I have is I bought it in 1984 when slow cookers were truly slow cookers. Low was really low and didn't bring things to a rolling boil like the new ones do. So looking at the programmable ones and hoping I can find one I will be happy with, tho I've an online friend who has the exact same model as I do, so we're seeing how much shipping will cost. If we can't afford to ship the whole thing, maybe just the cooker part and hope I don't break my crock LOL!

Made slow cooker lasagna soup for dinner yesterday, came out nice, tho I used buckwheat penne pasta instead of lasagna noodles. All the flavors of my lasagna at a fraction of the cost. So will make a nice addition to my repertoire when I want lasagna and don't want to my my regular. Dinner tonight will be chicken breasts, flattened and baked with seasonings. Will cook the rest of the buckwheat penne and a cheese sauce (picked up more of that wonderful spreadable brie at Grocery Outlet this last Saturday). Will pull out a chunk o'pork from the freezer and get that ready to slow cook tomorrow.

So, another round of doctors this week. FINALLY got the results for the titrating CPAP I had for a week a month ago and had it translated for the doctor. Seems I've been on too low a pressure for the last few years. So that explains a whole heck of a lot! So have to see about getting my machine re-set to the higher pressure and hopefully will be feeling lots better within the week. All other numbers look good, tho my thyroid is running a little hot, so just need to up my meds there and that should take care of that.

Got the AC out of the bedroom window, now we just need to see about replacing the back door and getting that set up for winter. We've got a door, just need to measure it and cut it down and cut in a kitty door, then we should be set. Will be nice to not have a door that leaks like a son of a gun in the winter, the replacement is solid wood.

Cats were not happy with me this morning. Phoebe got locked out for the night and Rum Tum got stuck in the house as I closed the kitty window and stuffed the insert into the back door. Phoebe was screeching to be let in this morning and it wasn't as if the both of us has gone out to call her in last night. Rum Tum snarled and hissed at me this morning when I went to let him out and he promptly caught himself a starling for breakfast.

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