What the.....?????????

So Rum Tum, his usual vocal self when he comes in with prey, does so at 5 am this morning. I mutter "Good kitty" and rolled over and went back to sleep. When I finally got up this morning I fully expected to see either a mouse or the remains of Rum Tum's breakfast.

Instead I was greeted by this in the hallway:

I could only stand and go "ERRRR?!?!?!" and then stumble into the kitchen to get coffee going. Once that was done I went back in and scooped up the critter and laid it out on some tissue on the washing machine before letting hubby know what he might see on his way out of the bedroom and then grabbed my camera.

We were not at all sure what it was, I've never seen one before. Wicked little teeth on it:

Wrapped it up in plastic and into the deep freeze while we tried to figure out what it was. Hubby finally figured it out to be a long-tailed weasel, tho I thought weasels were a lot bigger. I used to have a pet mink and this little critter is TINY compared to her.

At least it was dead, the last two not-mice Rummers brought in were live bunnies.
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