I really, really, really, really hate being sick. Been sick since Friday night when I started getting a sore throat and it went downhill from there.

Had no energy to do anything except sleep and sit, tho I did manage to fix a few of the new phone cases that Zazzle had uploaded to my shop and migrated some designs on. Designs didn't fit, so had to hide them all and then fix them and repost them for sale. Still have a few more to go.

Watched a lot of Netflix and the race. HOOOOOOO boy!!! Interesting fallout from that race. Will be interesting to see what happens now in the Cup portion of the series.

Decided Sunday night there was no way I was going to be able to go to work on Monday, needed another day of downtime.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up at 3 in the morning to go find the sore throat spray to discover the power in the house was out. Even more surprising was the neighbors to the east and west still had power. Finally got the hubby up and he went out to check. Seems the power to our little row of houses was out. He finally got a hold of someone at the electric company who sent someone out.

There was much toing and froing by the electric guys, while there was no going back to bed. Hubby got the internet up and running on the back up battery system we had and I was able to use the unlimited data on my phone to connect to the outside world and the neighbors (those who had smart phones) LOL!

Finally about 7:15 I was able to call in sick, hubby hooked the battery back up in the bedroom so we could run the CPAPs off it and we went back to bed. I finally woke up to noise out back and peering thru the window saw a bunch of guys, equipment and orange lines painted on the lawn. Seems they were going to have to do a bit of digging. All in all there were quite a few trucks and men, but they had our power back on about 1ish or so. Apparently something underground shorted.

Didn't bother going out to get pics, that was how crappy I was feeling. Of course having the internet go down at some point didn't help. THAT we didn't get back until Tuesday morning and was a total fuster cluck, but we finally got it back. I did have my phone so was able to watch Emergency! on Netflix. Not a damned thing on the boob tube during the day and anything on the DVR was something hubby and I watch together.

Was feeling much better Monday night, so planned on going to work. That plan lasted as long as my shower the next morning. I started coughing.

Not a nice simple cough, no. HAD to be the kind of cough you are surprised to not see internal organs at your feet after you've regained consciousness from passing out from coughing so hard. Needless to say, called in to work and went back to bed. Slept to about 12:30, hubby at some point came in to let me know we finally had intertubez.

So rest of Tuesday was pretty much spent doing next to nothing, trying to breath and avoid coughing if I could.

Had to come into work on Wed, if only to keep from going completely stir at home. I can at least cough without passing out and I have plenty of hot tea available, so that is good. I think bedtime tonight is going to be REALLY early.

One good thing tho from the last few days, I have a table at a couple of the Winter Markets at the 1912 Building this fall. Main room and I will be there on 11/9 and 12/14. I've plenty of jewelry and will be printing and mounting more photos to sell. Can't wait.