A very nice weekend

Good visit with mom and my aunt. Grilled steaks and portabella mushrooms Friday night, watched some Rosemary & Thyme with them. Saturday mom and I drove up to Elk River, had Lunch and drove around a bit. I got some photos, will have to post those soon.

Grilled chicken for Sat nite dinner, mom brought potato salad and cut fruit. Opened a bottle of Cupcake Red Velvet wine, mom liked that. Friday night I'd served TJ's Shiraz with dinner.

Mom was flying out today, so they headed back to Spokane Sunday morning. So we puttered a bit and I got this bit of the thunderstorm that rolled thru while we were ar Spence's for a few items:

Didn't last too long. Went next door later for firepit and BBQ. I fired up my grill to cook the steaks someone had brought. OH.MY.GODDESS! they were good. homegrown and grassfed. Just a bit of salt before grilling and that was all they needed.

The weather had gotten nice, but after a while it started raining again and hubby and I got chilled, so we headed home for the rest of the evening.