Aw crap!

Went to the dentist today for my usual checkup and cleaning. I did get teased for practicing dentistry without a license (my inner 5 year old and I worked the one loose tooth out) and was informed that the tooth I broke was either going to have a root canal and crown or be extracted. Seems it broke clear up into where the nerve is, tho it doesn't really bother me. But there is also a slight infection, so gotta do something.

Was planning on just having it pulled, but by the time I made it to the front desk opted for the root canal and hope I beat the odds and actually keep the tooth (my mom usually loses any teeth she has a root canal on and I really dislike paying money only to have it not last). If I have it pulled, that leaves a big gap there, and I can't afford a partial or replacement as is.

So I get to have fun tomorrow morning. Eventually will see about a crown in it and another tooth, but they are pretty pricey.

In the meantime will see about a mouth guard since half the reason I am missing a few molars is I grind my teeth like crazy when I sleep. Also get a water pic and I am looking into oil pulling to see if that will help any. I've a big container of coconut oil for cooking, so will give it a try.

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