Hubby went to upgrade my Linux and the motherboard on my machine died. Luckily I have everything backed up, but I can't access the pics I took on Saturday to work on them. Luckily I should have a new motherboard by Wednesday and be back up and running on Thursday.

Sunday was a wee bit busy as we took advantage of the weather still being a bit nice in the morning and worked a bit outside (tho getting dragged out of bed at 8:30 am to do so was a bit much). But the aquarium has a new home, the deck is better organized and I have pics to process of things that will get listed on the local freecycle when I get the chance.

Didn't do much else, I was still in too much pain from all the running around I did at the charity ride stop, then shopping and a couple hours at Art under the elms up at Lewis & Clark State College. Weather stayed nice, tho cloudy and windy, but the wind blew the humidity away, so that was good.

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