Made my first Etsy sale last night thru my shop, a pair of seashell and cat5 wire bangle bracelets like this one:


Packaged it up and shipped them this morning.


Downside of this Monday morning was we had to get up early to drop the Scrapper cat off at the vets, his tooth problem is getting bad, so he is getting kitty teeth surgery today. I thought I was going to feel uber bad for leaving my poor baby with strangers, but he was so good on the trip over, with minimal fuss getting him into his carrier that I know he knows he will feel better after today. We will pick him up on the way home after work this evening.

Fairly quiet weekend, FINALLY got the see the Daytona 500 race yesterday, then we watched Phoenix. Made pork stew for dinner, came out yummy. Picked up some whole wheat French bread for the hubby and I had Udi's gluten free whole grain so we has serious yumminess to dip into the yummy stew. Lunch of leftovers today is going to be scrumptious.

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