Monday again :P

Ah well, had a fairly quiet weekend, so that was good. Got a lot of rest and am definitely getting over the bug I had.

Took apart a DVR and a monitor. Got lots of cool parts. Also made a new pair of earrings:


Kept them fairly simple, used some neat glass beads for accent:


Turned a heat sink fan into a pin:


Could also be used as a tie tack, tho at 3" on the diagonal it might be a bit big for that.

Made a new mobile, using wooden dowels for the cross pieces:


Seriously bummed tho, got email back that my artwork wasn't accepted at the local coffee shop for their March art show. If this keeps up I am going to get down right discouraged and start thinking that the people who say nice things about my stuff are just being polite to the stupid chick who thinks she can make art :(

I guess every artist probably goes thru times like this. So I will just keep plugging away at it and hope to get my stuff into a public venue sometime soon.
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