Had a very good weekend

Scored a balance board for the Wii for $30 at the Goodwill in Lewiston. So now we have a Wii Fit Plus disc so we can work out at home. Just did a couple simple things yesterday and I hurt all over. Was stretching muscles I forgot I had doing some yoga moves.


Decided to color my hair Saturday night. My SIL had left me some the rest of the color stuff she used on me. Came out a bit redder then I had planned on:

My new color in sunlight

Decided to cut my bangs myself and it all came out nicely:

New me

New me

I has taken a bit of getting used to the color. Hubby loved it right away, for me it was a bit of a shock, but I am getting to like it.

Wore another closet find:

OOTD 2/4/13

It was warm enough today for a dress and my nice flats. I did pull on a pair of tights, wasn't going to be THAT warm!
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