Happy New Year everyone!

Had a lovely winter break, Yule was nice, Christmas was nice and New Years was nice. All very relaxing.

Didn't get half of what I planned on getting done done, but I'm good with that. The house is still fairly in order, hubby got the Wii up and running so I am playing Wii ping pong for 15 minutes a day to get a bit more movement in. Laundry is pretty much all caught up, as are the dishes and I have a new kitchen toy (scored an Oxo V-slicer mandoline at Ross and been having fun slicing things. Not my fingers tho LOL).

So all in all, a good vacation (tho I am currently missing sleeping in).

The one not good spot of the week was when the stove tried to kill me. I was getting ready to prep a ham for the oven when the stove made some very loud popping sounds, sparked and threw up a bit of flame from the back panel.

Hubby came into the kitchen when I called him and when I went to point out where it flamed, got zapped by the stove. Hubby immediately went to kill the main when the stove did it again.

Popped open the back of the stove to find a part on the timer control panel had pretty much gone up in flames and shorted out the whole stove. Now we had been having some problems with it, with the burners not working quite right. Only would work on high and med-high most of the time. Hubby had figured a short somewhere, so it looks like we found it, or at least it decided to show itself in a very big way.

So we tripped the breaker for the stove and got the main back on. Called a friend who came over that evening to look at it. What blew was the controller for a couple timers I never used, so he was able to rewire the panel to bypass that section and now my whole stove is working again. It is so nice to be able to have the burners on low for a change, tho I've gotten pretty good at cooking on high and med-high.

I ended up cooking the ham on the gas grill. I rigged up some wood chips to add a bit of smoke flavor, set the grill for low and it came out very yummy. I will have to do that again. We were eating lots of ham all week and I now have a nice ham bone in the deep freeze.

Didn't do a whole heck of a lot on the cooking front, creative wise, tho I did experiment with using flax meal as an egg substitute in some baking. Turned out very well, so that will help stretch the eggs I do get since I usually end up short when it comes to baking. Flax meal has a fairly strong flavor, so it will probably not work in my snickerdoodles, but work out well in my molasses crinkle cookies.

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