Lovely weather this morning

A bit of snow and ice on the car this morning:


And a bit of fog:



Driving was fun, so glad I have a chauffeur LOL!


Visibility wasn't great and it is amazing the number of idiots out there driving without their lights on.

Listening to Christmas music on Slacker today, Pandora is having issues and won't play steadily. If I am lucky I might get 3 songs played before it hangs up.

Had a fairly low key weekend. The major chore was laundry. Did get more of the kitchen cleaned up and caught another mouse, this one in the kitchen towel drawer (hence LOTS of towels washed this weekend). I am hoping we finally got the last one.

Didn't get any baking in, tho I should be able to whip out a batch of cookies tonight for the party tomorrow.

Hubby figured out an easy way for me to deconstruct motherboards. Involves a mini blow torch BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Of course we discovered the hard way I will have to do so outside. It is too cold out to have to leave the windows and doors open to get the smell of VERY hot plastics and solder to dissipate. I did manage to get enough bits off I can start on more jewelry in the evenings and finish deconstruction over the weekend.

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