HOORAY!!! The smoke is gone!

It's been raining this weekend and now when I can't see the mountain it is because of the clouds. The smoke is gone and hopefully all the rain is getting to the fires still burning and helping to put them out.

Pretty much a kick back, lazy weekend. Got a little bit of chores done, but mostly sat and watched movies. Finally watched the race from Talladega.....


I'd been pretty good at not finding anything about the race so I had no idea what was happening with Jr.


Repeat after me "RESTRICTOR PLATES ARE EVIL!!!!!"

Hope he will be okay, the races won't be the same without him in them. But at least he is going to take it easy, concussions aren't anything to sneeze at.

Introduced hubby to Cheese Wiz. He'd got a hankering for cheese steaks, so we scored on a roast which I sliced super thin with the slicer. Originally decided against the Cheese Wiz (when did it get so expensive?) and I made them with sliced cheese. He liked it, but wasn't quite what he was thinking. We'd also gotten some stadium rolls, not hoagies. SO Sunday we had to go back to the store for some things we'd forgotten and picked up the right rolls and a bottle of Cheese Wiz.

Yup, that was the taste he was wanting.

Decided I wanted to make chili, but didn't want to make regular chili. So I got some black beans and puled out some ground elk and made some serious NOM!

Black bean with elk chili

Hubby even likes it, even tho the spices got his notice. A little cheese and sour cream in it it will be fine for him.

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