Sorry for the lack of blogging lately

But have been a bit brain dead. The smoke still isn't helping matters any, tho it isn't as bad as it had been. I thought I was going to die this last Saturday. The smoke was so bad I was wearing a filter mask in the house and all I was doing was sitting in my chair watching movies and working on Zazzle stuff on the computer.

Saturday morning

Ah well, it will get better (I hope).

Starting to get the hang of Twitter, sales have gone up a bit since I started Tweeting, tho not sure if it is because of Twitter or simply enough traffic hitting my shops thru other means. I have yet to figure out Google Analytics and Statcounter can only record so much.

Not too much planned for the weekend. My mom is coming in for a visit for the weekend before heading over to Spokane to meet up with her sister, my aunt who is moving back to Spokane.

That's it for now, I will leave you with a pic of Rum Tum looking adorable:

napping rum tum

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