The rest of the tale

As previously said, we got ourselves a hotel room for Saturday night after the race. We lucked out and got the last room in the place for a reasonable price.

We stayed at the Spokane House Hotel, which has been around for quite a while:



I would call it shabby gentile. It has seen much better days, in fact, way back when it was one of the ritzier hotels in the area. Since then it has come down a bit in the world (the carpet wasn't the best and the curtains were in need of repair or replacement), but the current owners are doing what they can to bring it back as much as they can. The room was clean and the water pressure in the shower was wonderful (considering we were on the 5th floor and I've been in way too many hotels and motels where the water pressure on the 1st floor sucked).

The room we had an honest to goddess Murphy bed. You know, the ones you see in the old comedy movies where the bed folds down from the wall and usually the protagonist ends up flipped up inside of it. That didn't happen, but I'd never seen one in real life. The bed has seen better days, my feet where higher then my head and the mattress was way too soft. But frankly, I was so tired and glad to not be trying to drive home while we both were toast I didn't care.

The view of Spokane from our room was pretty nice, just wish I'd not been so brain fried to appreciate the lights of downtown more.

Decided to forgo the buffet breakfast they offered in the restaurant ($7.99). Hubby's tummy was a bit off and it was still too early for me to think of eating (have to be up for a couple hours or so). So we checked out and went in search of coffee and Wifi (we weren't able to get into the wifi at the hotel for some reason. Again, too tired to care at that point).

Ended up at a Shari's where we got both. Eventually we felt up for food so had a late breakfast/early lunch before we wandered off. Had to find an O'Reilly's as the rear view mirror in the van had decided to fall off when we got to the hotel. Then we wandered into the General Store while we were waiting for the adhesive to dry and picked up some fishing lures and some collapsible paddles to keep in the boat in case the motor dies on us again. Came out and finished getting the rear view mirror up.

We had decided we really didn't need to drive straight home, so we aimed for Coeur d'Alene to gas up at the Safeway and then head home via the east side of the lake and all points south. While at Safeway I picked up the fixin's for a picnic meal so we didn't have to stop at any more restaurants to eat.

Hubby hadn't been on the east side of the lake in years (not since shortly after we were married), so he didn't remember it.

The views were gorgeous:




I was having fun taking pictures:


Decided to do some black & white:



The broken tree is just before we got to St Maries.

We found a place to pull out to have some food and it was near some railroad tracks:


Have to go back there with better shoes (I was wearing sandals) as there were lots of great photo opportunities and I want more time:


After snapping pics and eating sandwiches (in my case white cheddar rice and corn cakes topped with cheese and sliced meat) we headed on home. Arrived about 6ish and unloaded most of the van and then collapsed in our chairs to watch TV and download cameras.

All in all, a wonderful weekend.